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Correct posture when sitting at a keyboard or piano
correct keyboard posture
  1. Always keep your feet flat on the ground or on a footrest (for stability).
  2. Place your knees slightly under the keyboard. The angle of the legs should be a bit more than 90 degrees.
  3. Sit on the front half of the seat (to be able to lean forward and backward as required).
  4. Keep your back straight (but do not stretch it too much).
  5. Place your elbows a bit higher than the keyboard and at a comfortable distance from the body. Ensure that your seat is high enough to enable you to do this.
  6. Loosen your shoulders.
  7. Keep your wrists loose.
  8. Keep your hands curved as you play. Play only with the tips of your fingers.
  9. Keep your head straight. Do not stretch your neck forward as this will eventually cause pain.

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